HOBOKEN - The City of Hoboken is installing another water pump station to help alleviate flooding dangers.

Areas of the city have been plagued by flooding issues for decades. This all came to a head after Superstorm Sandy where much of the city was under water.

Now Hoboken officials are working with the North Hudson Sewage Authority to install a wet weather pump station. The pump was lowered into the ground a few days ago near 11th Street and Hudson Place.

When the pump is fully operational this autumn, it is expected to alleviate flooding in the northwest portion of Hoboken.

The construction of the pump has caused some traffic issues and inconveniences for Hoboken residents. But many say that they understand that it will benefit the whole city.

“Ultimately it’s for the greater good, and flooding is an issue, so I’m happy about that,” says resident Elizabeth Rakela.

Once the station is complete, it will be able to pump 80 million gallons of water a day out of Hoboken and into the Hudson River.

This will be the second water pump that the city has installed. Another one was built a few years ago to alleviate flooding in another section of Hoboken.