HOBOKEN - Crime in one of New Jersey’s most popular cities decreased in 2015, according to statistics.

According to Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante, overall crime was down between 12 and 13 percent last year, with violent crime decreasing about 9 percent.

In 2015, robberies were down by 39 percent when compared with 2014. Burglaries were down 28 percent. 

Another crime down in the city is car thefts, which went down by 19 percent. According to Chief Ferrante, there were 38 reports of stolen cars in 2015. He says that in the mid-90s there were more than 600 cars stolen annually.

Chief Ferrante says that the city was able to do all this by making Hoboken less inviting to criminals.

“If we’re deploying officers when and where crimes historically happen, then I think that helps,” he says. “It deters people in the criminal field from coming to our city.

There are now more police patrols on weekends, especially Thursday through Saturday nights. The department has also expanded the investigation bureau to help solve crime faster.

Chief Ferrante also says, “We increased our waterfront and parks unit, which was a creation last year. We’re now running that unit 24 hours a day because [a] lot happens in our waterfront and in our parks."

The chief says he has more plans for 2016 to make the crime stats decrease even more.

The only crime that went up in 2015 is rape. Ferrante says this is because the definition of rape has changed to include more types of sexual assaults.