HOBOKEN - With rising temperatures and heavy rain paired with large amounts of snow still on the ground, municipalities across the state are anticipating flooding problems.

In Hoboken, crews are working to clear drains of snow and debris.

Breaking up hardened ice and snow is a tough task for the crews, even with the warmer temperatures.

Some of the snow and ice will be hauled away, but officials hope the rest will melt away on its own, through the sewer drains.

"If they're clogged, you're going to have flooding," says Hoboken Environmental Services spokesman Leo Pellegrini. "The City of Hoboken is prone to flooding, and without water being able to flow properly, you're going to expect flooding, even if it's not that big of a rainfall."

In some areas, the snow is melting faster than drains can handle it. "It's definitely starting to melt, but then it becomes these deep puddles," says Elaine Michaels. "I have two 3-year-olds, and trying to get them over the puddles is a major challenge."

With milder temps predicted for the next few days, crews will also tackle the layers of ice coating the streets and blocking parking spaces.