HOBOKEN - Pedaling is popular in the "Mile Square City," but now Hoboken police want to make sure that bicyclists ride safely.

Hundreds of people ride bicycles on Hoboken's streets, bike paths and sidewalks each day, according to officials, but that can present problems.

"We saw a couple incidents over the last month where bicyclists struck pedestrians," says Hoboken Police Department Chief Kenneth Ferrante. "We need to get education going and enforcement."

To that end, the city is expanding its bicycle education and enforcement campaign, which kicked off in the spring. The city's regulation of bicyclists is expected to increase as it prepares to launch a bike-share program in the coming weeks.

According to Ferrante, the city has received complaints about bicyclists riding too fast on sidewalks. While it is legal to ride a bicycle on Hoboken's sidewalks, the law states that bicyclists can't ride faster than pedestrians.

"If people have been warned, and if we get them again, we will issue summonses," says Ferrante.

Bicyclists must also follow the same rules as vehicles when on Hoboken's roads.