HOBOKEN - Local developers of an internet shopping website believe they can fix the glitch-filled Affordable Care Act website, and get it back online within a month.

Andrew Jensen, founder of Mallstand.com, says he believes searches and usage on healthcare.gov are not set up correctly, among a number of other problems. And he says he'll do it for free.

"If I went to a website that wasn't working, straight up was not working, I probably wouldn't try and go back to it," says Sam Gherman, of Mallstand.com.

In hearings, contractors have blamed the government for the website woes, especially since last-minute changes were required. The government has said the time frame didn't allow enough time for testing.

The startup company says it has an advantage over current contractors that are serving too many needs and too many interests.

Jensen says the issues could be fixed quickly if they were given the chance. "Come up with a template of what people should see when they are going through the site," he says. "Just take it from there and work page by page instead of having a thousand cooks in the kitchen."

Jensen believes his developers can do what the government has failed to do. "We take this offer very seriously. They wouldn't have to offer us great accommodations. We can do it from right here," he says.

The White House says enrollment problems are being fixed, and that almost 700,000 applications have already been submitted.