FAIR LAWN - A Bergen County sheriff's deputy is hoping the public recognizes the vehicle that he says destroyed his $65,000 racecar.

Ed Bajzath says a blue and gray two-toned Toyota Sienna smashed into his prized 800-horsepower Mustang in broad daylight last Wednesday while it sat in his driveway.

"He came right up the driveway," says Bajzath. "No skid marks. Nothing."

The accident was caught on a neighbor's security camera. The driver is seen crashing, and then driving away shortly after.

"He comes up, smashes, and backs up," Bajzath says. "He gets out, checks his damage and walks onto my lawn, picking up parts. Then he takes off down the road."

The force of the impact was so powerful it ripped off everything in front of the engine of the Mustang, including a $450 air filter. The windshield was also destroyed.

"I don't understand how someone can have complete disregard for someone else's property," says Bajzath.

Anyone who may recognize the vehicle is asked to contact the Fair Lawn police. Bajzath is offering a reward for anyone who can locate the driver.