SEASIDE HEIGHTS - A long-lost film of the Seaside Heights boardwalk from more than 50 years ago has resurfaced, and it's reigniting some priceless Jersey Shore memories. 

If you only know the Seaside boardwalk as it looks today, the 1960 film may surprise you. 

It was made to promote tourism, showing the rides, games and beach in Seaside as it was decades ago.

The film called "Sun and Fun" was feared lost until Peter Smith stumbled on it while working at Borough Hall. "I think it brings back a certain time that we wish we still lived in, and I think it brings back a certain charm of the boardwalk," he says.

The original 16 mm film was remastered in HD and posted online by video editor Joe Verderosa, who grew up in the Seaside area.

"Every scene that I see brings back memories of where I used to play, where I learned how to swim, where I met my wife," he says.

The film was often shown to local school kids back then.