HILLSBOROUGH - Hillsborough Township officials held a special public meeting Wednesday to address concerns about a proposal to build a new mosque in the town.

Many township residents say that they had concerns and questions about the prayer facility proposed for the Muslim Center of Somerset County.

The center would be built on New Amwell Road. Many residents consider New Amwell to be a main artery for the town and are concerned about the traffic the mosque would generate. People living in the area say parking and traffic would spill over into the areas around their homes, even with limits at the property.

Hillsborough is one of several New Jersey towns dealing with public push-back against the building of Islamic centers.

A meeting held in Bayonne earlier this year erupted in protests as residents for and against the mosque made their opinions known.

The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge filed a federal lawsuit after it was denied the chance to build the center.

The Muslim Center of Somerset County says it would try to have guards and manage crowds and traffic.