HIGHTSTOWN - The highest snow amounts this weekend are expected in parts of Middlesex and Mercer counties.

In Hightstown, Mayor Lawrence Quattrone said they are prepared. The town has state and county roads that cut right through, so there are several jurisdictions that will be managing the snow removal.

Quattrone said they have 100 tons of salt on standby.

He said they wouldn't begin treating the roads until the storm begins, but he was confident the estimate of some 16 inches of snow would be no match for their equipment.

He was mostly focused on the safety of his citizens.

"My biggest concern is the wind, wires going down, electricity going out, people having no heat, frozen pipes, stuff like that," said Quattrone. "That's my biggest concern -- is the safety of the people"

Quattrone said the borough will be doing reverse 911 calls to alert people to any dangers. He also stressed that if anyone doesn't have heat, to find it.

Firefighters will even pick people up and take them to the shelters.