HIGHLAND PARK - Officials in Highland Park are baffled after the water from one home's pipes is coming out bright blue.

Freddy Ree says the water started coming out blue Tuesday morning.

"I had breakfast this morning, and went to wash the dishes and lost all water pressure," he says. "I waited 15 minutes and when I came back, it came out blue."

The blue water is coming out of all the faucets in Ree's home, and even the toilet water. He says there is no strange odor.

Highland Park borough officials say no other resident has reported any blue water. There was no utility work being done in the area either.

A representative from Middlesex Water came out to investigate and take samples. He tells News 12 New Jersey that after over 10 years on the job, he has never seen anything like this before.

"I won't be drinking water. Won't be bathing in it either," says Ree.

Test results from Middlesex Water should come in by Wednesday.