HOWELL - A hockey referee who says parents attacked him after a high school game has filed a complaint in the hopes that criminal charges will be brought against the parents.

The alleged attacks happened on Feb. 7 after a game between Manalapan and Howell at the Ice World hockey rink in Howell. Referee Dave Brown says that he and his partner were attacked by the parents.

“Physically bruised, emotionally I'm rattled,” says Brown. “It just takes me out of a zone where I don't feel safe.”

A spokesperson for the Howell Township police says that after an investigation, the department is not planning on filing any charges.

The spokesperson said in a statement, “The evidence in this case does not support criminal complaints being filed by the Howell Township Police Department. All involved parties have been referred to the Howell Township Municipal Court to sign criminal complaints at their discretion.”

Additionally, Howell police say that the offense committed during the alleged incident would have been considered a “simple assault.” Under New Jersey law, that type of crime is classified as a “disorderly persons offense” and typically a police officer cannot make an arrest without witnessing the incident.

In several media reports, the parents involved in the incident claimed Brown used foul language with them.

Brown and his attorney deny this claim. They are asking for a larger criminal investigation.