COLONIA - There weren't many New Jersey towns immune from the strong winds on Sunday.

The heavy winds brought down a tree in Colonia, which crashed onto a home on Kilmer Drive.

John Stefanelli Jr. says he heard the tree fall around 7 a.m. in his backyard.

His father, John, says the incident is hard to understand because he thought it would never have happened to him.

"The bang was so severe, I jumped," said John Stefanelli Sr. "I didn't know what it was."

Just a few miles away, News 12 caught a live wire down on Route 9 in Woodbridge, which ignited the grass. 

Firefighters also evacuated the Ukrainian Church on Grier Avenue. The dome on top of the church was swaying too much for their comfort. An engineer had to make sure it was stable enough in the wind.  

So far, there hasn’t been word of any major injuries from the damage.