HARRISON - Neighbors of a bakery in Harrison thought snow was coming down in their yards, but it was a cloud of flour.

Dorothy Songile is asking the bakery to pay for the cleanup, but so far it has refused.

The flour caked on her windows obscures her view like frost on a windowpane. "It doesn't scrape off," she says. "It's just glued on there."

It was splattered there back in January during a spill from the bakery next door. "I just had gotten out of the shower and I heard - swoosh," she recalls. "And I thought, 'What in God's name is that?' I thought a swarm of birds had hit the back window."

When Songile asked Pechter's Bakery to pay for the cleanup, she says they just gave her the run around. She has estimates for more than $5,000 for power washing, cleaning her air conditioners and other expenses, some of which are not covered by her insurance. 

Songile says this isn't the first time she's has ingredients at her doorstep. Last year, a similar incident happened and she says the company gave her just $150 for the cleanup. Some of her neighbors have also complained.

The plant manager refused to comment on the incidents.