CLIFTON - Residents in many New Jersey towns are still dealing with leftover snow and ice that makes for slick driving and walking, and in some areas of Clifton, it's making parking very difficult.

Cars in some handicapped spaces are sealed in after plows pushed snow right up against them. A few open spaces have an icy film beneath the cars making them difficult to access, even for someone without a disability.

Wade Obolsky walks with a cane and says the conditions in the parking lot outside his home make coming and going almost impossible. He can't get to his space because it is so icy and so slick. "This is the way it's been," he says. "They try to improve it, but they still have major problems and everybody keeps getting brushed off."

Other homeowners say streets are clear but are difficult to navigate because of piles of snow. 

There is the possibility some of that ice will melt over the weekend, which is something a lot of people in Clifton are looking forward to.

A group of teens headed to the basketball court to enjoy the first warm day they've seen in a while, after first clearing it of ice and snow.