EDISON - Here are a few Halloween safety tips from the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System (NJPIES).

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*Never allow children to eat candy until it has been inspected by parents or caregivers. Eat only treats in original and unopened wrappers.

*When trick-or-treating at night, children should use a flashlight or glow stick to light the way and allow them to be seen in the dark.

*Trick-or-treaters should wear brightly colored costumes made of flame resistant materials.

*Remove Jack-O-Lanterns with lit candles inside them from doorsteps. Candles can be easily knocked over by children and pets.

*Liquid from a broken glow stick is usually non-toxic, but if your child ingests it, call the poison experts if you are unsure or have any questions.

*Wash hands or use a hand sanitizer after trick or treating, petting animals or picking pumpkins and apples.

*Use non-toxic face paint or make-up as an alternative to wearing a mask.

*Beware of peanuts or peanut oil in candies, for those with allergies.

*Be mindful of pets. Treats such as chocolate can be poisonous to dogs or cats.

*Make sure any items that can cause choking, such as hard candy, are given to children of an appropriate age to avoid choking.

*Avoid drinking fresh, unpasteurized cider.

*Lock up medications, especially those that can be mistaken for candy (e.g., ex-lax, Advil).

*Trick-or-treat at homes of friends and neighbors you know - never accept candy or fruit from strangers.

* "Bee" aware - yellow jackets are often active around farms and garden centers during the warm days and cool nights of fall, especially around fallen or rotting fruit. Those with sensitivity to stings should carry an antihistamine or bee sting therapy.

NJPIES' Poison Helpline is the first line of defense (800-222-1222).

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