HACKENSACK - Officials say one man is responsible for all three new "knock-out" attacks.

Police in Hackensack say the man was behind three random, unprovoked attacks, also known as the "knock-out game."  

They say the suspect targeted two men in their 50s and one in his 20s, punching them all in the head. No one was seriously injured.

All three incidents happened Monday night within 15 minutes of each other. The first happened in the parking lot of Simon's Market. The other two happened near the corner of Summit Avenue and Beech Street.

The game has gained attention over the past year, primarily in New York. The game was also blamed for the death of a New Jersey resident. 

New Yorker Liz Hart says she was a victim in the Bronx. "Someone came up to me and attacked me and I fought back and got away," she says.

Police say the Hackensack attacker is a 6-foot tall black man seen wearing a Brooklyn Nets cap.  

There is a bill pending in the state legislature that would increase the fine and jail time for anyone convicted of knocking a person unconscious.