NEWARK - A manhunt is underway for two gunmen who robbed six gas stations in Newark Friday morning.

The first gas station to be robbed was a Sunoco station on McCarther Highway. The robbery happened just before 7:30 a.m.

Gas station attendant Walter Petrovsky tells News 12 New Jersey that he had just finished pumping gas for the suspects. When he went to give the receipt to the driver, he says that the passenger walked over to him, pointed a gun and demanded money.

He then allegedly stole money from several other employees before getting back into a black Infiniti and driving off. The thieves were able to get away with $1,200.

Petrovsky says that he quickly called police as he watched the suspects drive to the Exxon station across the street. They reportedly robbed the attendants there and sped away again.

Petrovsky says it took Newark police almost 30 minutes to respond. He says this is the second time in four days he’s been robbed.

In all, the thieves were able to get away with nearly $2,000. Surveillance cameras caught images of them and their vehicle. The suspects were seen wearing all white. The license plate on the car is Z59-FEV.

Anyone who may know the suspects or recognizes the Infiniti is asked to call the Newark Police Department.