TRENTON - A bill restricting the number of bullets allowed in gun magazines made its way out of committee and appears to be headed to Gov. Chris Christie’s desk.

New Jersey currently caps gun magazine capacity at 15 rounds. The new bill lowers it to 10 and requires gun owners to dump their old magazines, as well as any guns that cannot be converted to the lower restriction.

Lawmakers on the state Senate's Law and Public Safety committee lent their support to the latest attempt to stiffen gun laws in New Jersey, despite protesters outside the State House in Trenton.

The bill survived on party lines, with three Democrats in favor and two Republicans against.

Having already made it past the state Assembly, the gun magazine bill will go to the full Senate for a vote.

A gun magazine restriction never made it to the governor's desk last session after it stalled in the Senate.

The governor has signed recent gun bills, but vetoed more controversial ones.