TRENTON - There have been almost two dozen homicides in Trenton so far this year, and city officials are scrambling to stop the violence.

Rasheen Jones became the city's 23rd murder victim Tuesday night.

On Wednesday afternoon, a local lawmaker and gun control advocates called on Gov. Chris Christie to sign several of the dozens of gun bills piled up on his desk.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman asked Christie to make the bills a priority. "We're asking him right now today, come back from wherever you are in this country right now and sign these bills on behalf of the citizens of the state of New Jersey," she says.

Advocates say the bills would help stop the flow of guns into the state by stopping straw purchases, but they won't do anything about the thousands of guns already on city streets, like the one that killed Rasheen Jones.

Bryan Miller, of the anti-violence group Heeding God's Call, says stopping the flow will eventually pay dividends on the street. "Overwhelmingly, guns used in crime have what they call a short 'time to crime' because they want the flashiest, the newest, the best looking, the one that's been in the latest movie or whatever," Miller says.

Gov. Christie's office says he is still reviewing the bills.