HOBOKEN - Hundreds of guitarists met on Hoboken's waterfront to attempt a world record Thursday.

They gathered in Sinatra Park to try and gather the largest number ever of guitarists playing a song in unison. The song they attempted was Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door," because they say it's easy.

Organizer James Mastro says they hold up the chords so people can follow along.

Peter Martinez, of the Drum Den Hoboken, was given the task of keeping the beat. "It's a very important one and [I'm] happy to be here to help out all of our guitar brothers."

Mastro says it started out as a joke with an attempt last year, but they decided to go for it again this year.

They were far from the record but most would admit it's not about that. "It's kind of the thing where the journey is kind [of] maybe more fun than the actual destination," Mastro says.

The organizers say the record for guitarists playing a single tune in unison is 2,000.