TEANECK - A controversy over where to build a proposed Holocaust memorial has divided a North Jersey town.

One group wants the memorial to be built on public land in Teaneck, so everyone can visit it. Opponents say it doesn't belong there.
Steve Fox, co-chair of the Holocaust Commemoration Committee, is spearheading an effort to build the memorial. The group is proposing a plaque, reflecting pool and benches within Brett Park. "The purpose of all of this is for people not to forget what happened and to learn from the past so it doesn't repeat in the future," he says. 

A group called Friends of the Hackensack River is opposing the idea. The president says he supports a Holocaust memorial, but says it should be built on private land. The group is concerned about losing recreational space and says a Holocaust memorial is too exclusionary.  

Public opinion largely supports building it in Brett Park. "I think it's a really good idea because around here there are no memorials," says Gabriella Wolf.

Members of the Holocaust committee will present the proposal to the city council June 24. They need a majority of council members to approve the idea in order to move forward.

The Holocaust committee says the memorial would be funded using only private donations.