EAST RUTHERFORD - New Jerseyans are feeling left out when it comes to publicity surrounding the Super Bowl, which primarily touts the game as a New York City event.

East Rutherford Mayor James Cassella says he's offended that the NFL seems to be leaving his town out of the Super Bowl, especially since MetLife Stadium is in his town.

"We didn't even get any banners," Cassella says. "Nothing. Not even a sign that says this game is in New Jersey. Which I find odd."

Mayor Cassella joined others from his town and nearby Secaucus to announce plans to "Jersey-up" the Super Bowl.

"That stadium is in our backyard," says Jim Kirkos, of the Meadowlands Liberty Convention Visitors Bureau. "We lay claim to it. It's in our community and all residents of the communities around the Meadowlands region have a right to feel proud."

Secaucus will throw a three-day Winter Blast at Buchmuller Park. On Super Bowl Sunday, East Rutherford will host the Meadowlands Tailgate Party. Both events are meant to get Jerseyans involved in their Super Bowl.

"We think people are going to want to do it like the locals," says Kirkos. "And we are the locals and we want people to come into our communities to see what a great place it is to live, what a great place it is to visit and hopefully a great place to do business."

The group hopes New Jersey gets its share of the spotlight and the Super Bowl celebration.

For a closer look at the Super Bowl tail gate party in the Meadowlands, click on the video to the left of this article or visit Channel 612.