CLIFTON - A group of Clifton teachers are now collectively richer thanks to the Powerball lottery.

Seventy-five teachers and one parent from School 14 in Clifton pooled their money for tickets, but never thought they would actually win.

When the winning numbers were drawn, they were in shock. They matched all but one of the numbers, which won them $50,000.

“I was actually the one circling the numbers last night,” says teacher Ceyla Martone. “I counted we had five numbers.”

No one told the school’s principal that the group won until halfway through Thursday’s school day.

“I was laughing. I thought it was a joke,” says School 14 principal Paul Galello.

Now the group will be splitting $50,000 76 ways, meaning each will get a little over $650.

It may not be the $1.5 billion jackpot prize, but the teachers say that they are glad to walk away with some winnings.