GREENWOOD LAKE - Business owners in the resort town of Greenwood Lake say they are pleased with the turnout of boaters, water skiiers and swimmers at the lake this summer.

Marina owner Nancy Jessen says the warm weather and high lake levels meant the tourists showed up in droves to rent boats. Jessen thinks the strong year could have been partly because areas of the Shore are still damaged from Sandy.

"Part of the problem from a boating perspective is there is a lot of debris in Barnegat Bay," Jessen says. "And people are afraid they're going to hit something and get hurt."

Jessen also says the marina has been extremely busy fixing boats damaged by Sandy.

Lloyd Marks' boat was destroyed during the storm. His new one was in Greenwood Lake this summer, in freshwater instead of salt water.

The business owners are preparing to close out a successful season, a feeling they say is bittersweet because of Sandy's wrath.