LONG BRANCH - In the midst of Greece's ongoing financial crisis, many New Jersey residents are wondering if it is still safe to travel to the country.

Alexandra Agnostak, of Fair Haven, says she just returned from Greece and did not face too many problems.

"I would say go. You wouldn't know there's an economic crisis in the touristy places," she says.

Although Greek citizens have limits on how much money they can withdraw from the bank, Agnostak says she did not face too many issues. She did say she couldn't use a credit card in supermarkets or smaller businesses.

Ted Freidli, owner of Excel Travel in Long Branch, says anyone traveling to Greece should bring along plenty of cash just in case.

"As of right now, tourists have been able to get access to the ATMs and take out money. That could change," says Freidli. "We don't know how much money is left in those ATMs across Greece."

Freidli says he tells his customers to get plenty of euros in the United States and to choose a hotel with a secure safe to keep that money in.

Travel agents also recommend purchasing travel insurance and keeping their contact numbers handy if alternate arrangements need to be made.

Travel agents say that Greece remains a popular travel destination despite the financial crisis.