CAPE MAY - A group of fishermen working off the coast of Cape May Saturday have a tale to tell after a great white shark snagged their bag of food right off their boat.

The group was tagging sharks as part of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study and was drifting near the site of a shipwreck as they watched the 16-foot shark swim around their 35-foot boat.

The men were able to catch the giant predator on video as it swam up and snatched the bag of bait hanging off the boat. A voice can be heard saying, "He took our chum bag!"

Scott Krawiec, the owner of Island Girl Charters, takes his customers out daily to go shark fishing and he says great whites are not as rare as most would think. The species is protected, and so he says the population has been growing.

"Normally they're not as aggressive," Krawiec says of the shark in the video. "Swimming around, checking things out.  He was a little hungry that one."

Krawiec says humans are not part of the sharks' preferred diet. They are much more content eating "fattier" animals and fish.