NEWARK - A grandmother visiting her family in Newark was viciously assaulted as she and her 36-year-old son walked home from a grocery store Saturday night.

The 67-year-old grandmother arrived from her native Uruguay for her very first visit and three of the locals welcomed her with a sucker punch that knocked her to the ground. She suffered a fractured nose and bruised face.

The family asked that News 12 New Jersey conceal their identity because the attackers have not yet been caught.

Surveillance video shows the men walking up to the woman at around 8:20 p.m. and hitting her in the face. "I feel very, very upset," her other son says after seeing the video. "I mean, it's my mom, you know, it could happen to anybody, but she's 67 years old."

Two of the attackers teamed up and kicked and punched the son who was trying to defend his mother.

The mother and son were left dazed on the snow-covered sidewalk, and the attackers ran off with a cellphone, cash, and the just purchased groceries.

The family hopes the video will help police identify the attackers, who they believe are preying on other Latin-Americans in the Ironbound section of the city.