EDISON - Gov. Chris Christie will lay out his budget proposal today, with expectations he'll stick to a theme of fiscal responsibility. The plan is expected to include business tax cuts, higher health insurance costs for workers along with a modest increase in property tax relief.

Christie, a Republican who has built a national reputation as a fiscal conservative, is likely to stick to the themes of fiscal responsibility, pension and health benefits changes and education reforms.

Christie is expected to make a pension payment of up to $512 million. He's also likely to renew his call for reforms to the pension and health insurance systems that will require workers to delay retirement and pay more.

During his first year in office, the governor has repeatedly vetoed supplemental spending bills sent to his desk by Democrats. Christie vetoed 14 jobs bills on Friday saying he favors tax cuts, but only when there is a way to pay for them.

Democrats who control the Legislature may be reluctant to go along with the governor's proposals.

News 12 New Jersey will have live coverage of the budget address starting at 2 p.m.