TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie tells CNN's Piers Morgan that he would make the same decision again to use a state police helicopter to attend two of his son's baseball games and a political event.

Christie headlined Morgan's hour-long show last night. In the interview, Christie says he would not have made a different decision about using the helicopter but would pay for it upfront to prevent the bad public perception.

As it happened, Christie says he paid for the ride afterward because he thought it was important to let the public know he wasn't using the helicopter "as a perk of public office."

Morgan taped the interview with Christie at his home, at Livingston High School, where he attended, and at the Ritz Diner in Livingston.

Christie also ruled out a presidential run for 2012. But when asked about an attempt in 2016, the governor said "I can't answer that."

AP wire services contributed to this report.