NEW HAMPSHIRE - Gov. Chris Christie says it's time for the Republican Party to improve its relationship with the Latino community. 

"I think it's been well documented over time that there have been certain elements of our party that have been unfriendly to elements of our population including the Latino community, and we need to change that," the governor said while campaigning for president in New Hampshire.

The comments come after fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump came under fire for controversial statements calling some Mexican immigrants rapists. The governor said winning the majority of the Latino vote in New Jersey during his gubernatorial reelection bid, proves he has a message that works.

Political science professor Andrew Smith says Gov. Christie still has a hard battle to be fought while campaigning outside of New Jersey.

"We started measuring favorability ratings on him back in February of 2013. He was quite popular then, but his favorability ratings have slid considerably over that time period," Smith says. "He's got some work to do to get back to where he was."

On Thursday, the former mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire endorsed Christie. Wednesday, the governor received an endorsement from Main Gov. Paul LePage.

According to a Monmouth University poll, 57 percent of voters polled think Christie should resign as governor now that he has entered the presidential race.

Gov. Christie announced his run for a presidential nomination at an event at Livingston High School on Tuesday.