TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) wants to cut state funding for the second year in a row. Today, the governor released his $29.4 billion budget proposal.

The governor says New Jersey is much better off than it was a year ago, but he says the state needs to cut spending in order to make ends meet. The governor is calling this the 'New normal.'

Christie says "The old way of budgeting is over." He also says "Today marks the line in the sand that separates the way things used to be and the way they are going to be."

Christie's "New Normal" means spending less for the second year in a row. Almost every state program will be cut. The governor says these same though choices are being made across the country.

In the governor's proposal, education is one of the few places to be spared. A group that will be hit hard under the proposal is state workers.

The governor also said his first year in office has been as inspiring as the U.S. Olympic hockey team beating the Soviet Union back in 1980.

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