EAST HANOVER - Gov. Chris Christie said he refuses to back away from his plan to cut taxes even after the announcement that state revenues did not meet high expectations.

"I will not ask you for another dollar in increased taxes until I can look you in the eye and say government is spending every dollar efficiently," Christie said today at a packed town hall meeting inside an East Hanover fire house.

The governor called out a few Democrats that he says are "good guys," like Senate President Steve Sweeney, who he says he is willing to work with to make tax cuts possible.

Democrats like Senate Budget Chairman Paul Sarlo and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald are not on his favorites list.

"Those are the Democrats I refuse to work with, because those are the ones who are asking me to compromise my principle."

Several Democrats, including Sarlo, sent a letter to the treasurer demanding answers on how the administration will fill its revenue gap.

The treasurer will testify on the budget next week.