MANCHESTER, N.H. - The final Republican debate before the New Hampshire primary will be held Saturday night.

Gov. Chris Christie, who needs an impressive showing, is running behind in polling following the Iowa primary, which was won by Ted Cruz.

"The top three people in our polls are two first-term U.S. senators who never ran a thing in their life," Christie says. "And a business man, who sits in a make-believe conference room in New York City and stares into a camera and fires people."

The latest Quinnipiac poll gives Christie 3 percent of the vote nationwide. Donald Trump is leading in the race for the Republican nomination at 32 percent, followed by Ted Cruz at 22 percent and Marco Rubio at 19.

Christie predicted earlier in the week that New Hampshire will come down to himself and Marco Rubio.

He has gained endorsements from New Hampshire state legislators as well as the New Hampshire Union Leader, the state's biggest newspaper.