POINT PLEASANT BEACH - Gov. Chris Christie kicked off Labor Day weekend at the beach.

The governor traveled Friday morning to Seaside Heights for a stroll along the boardwalk and then headed to Point Pleasant Beach on Jenkinson's Boardwalk.

Christie was pleased with what he saw. "Gosh, things have gotten so much better this summer," he said. "You can see the beaches look great. I don't think I've seen this beach look better than it looks right now."

Residents agree that things are looking up at the Shore, especially in places like Seaside Heights, which was beaten down by Sandy and then by a massive fire. "I think it looks great," said Duke German. "Couple more years I think it'll be back to what it was before Hurricane Sandy."

While he's happy with tourism and business, the governor knows housing recovery is a much more painstaking process. "It's going to be a long haul doing that but we're going to keep at it until everybody who wants to get back in their home can get back in their home," he said.

The final number on this summer's tourism is not in yet but Christie says he's feeling optimistic.

Christie has made a tradition of visiting the Shore to encourage tourism, especially in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.