RANDOLPH - New Jerseyans might spend less time in line at the state's Motor Vehicle Commission offices.

Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday in Randolph announced a series of changes that he says are designed to reduce the wait time.

The governor says the MVC will eliminate the fees for online transactions by Oct. 1., encouraging motorists to use computers instead of going to MVC offices.

The agency also is working with AAA to expand customer access through the auto club's offices.

Gov. Christie also called on the Legislature to pass a bill to change expiration dates for licenses and registrations from the last day of the month to motorists' birthdays. The governor says that would spread out transactions instead of causing a logjam.

Starting in Early 2017, the MVC will launch two mobile agency units that will be able to perform all transactions that existing agencies can with the exception of driver testing and titles. The units can be deployed in the event of unforseen agency outages.

Gov. Christie also supports online enhancements and express driver's licenses.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.