ASBURY PARK - Gov. Chris Christie says despite some closed beaches at the Jersey Shore, there's still plenty of reason to head to the ocean.

A total of four beaches in Monmouth County are closed because of pollution that could make swimmers sick.

Water samples taken at the L Street Beach on the Shark River in Belmar revealed high levels of bacteria deemed unhealthy for swimming.

Excessive levels of bacteria that could cause respiratory and digestive illnesses as well as hepatitis were also detected at an Brown Avenue Beach in Spring Lake. Lifeguard stands are down and red flags are warning people not to swim.

Spring Lake says it's an ongoing problem following heavy rains as polluted water from adjacent Wreck Pond overflows into the ocean.

Visitors say they'd like to have a little more information about the water quality. "I think they should have signs posted as to why you can't swim in the water," says Sara Patrizio.

Nearby at the Remsen Avenue and Pitney Avenue beaches there are more red flags indicating they are closed due to storm water overflow.

Christie says even with the closures there is still plenty of time to enjoy the Shore. "So we still have a few more weeks of the summer to go," he says. "We want to encourage people to come to the shore, if you haven't been here already. If you have been here, come back for a weekend, and evening, or an afternoon." 

The Jersey Shore is responsible for 180,000 jobs and $20 billion in tourist revenue.