SEASIDE PARK - Gov. Chris Christie was in Seaside Park today to tour the damage left behind by the devastating fire and meet with affected business owners.

Christie brought together business owners to pledge $15 million in aid to help rebuild the four blocks of Seaside Park that were ravaged by the fire. He also introduced affected business owners to people who could help with demolition and grants.

Christie promised people that the Shore would bounce back yet again and he would do anything possible to get the park back up and running as fast as possible. He also commented on how the decision to rip up part of the boardwalk and dig a trench at Lincoln Avenue was a great move to stop the fire from spreading further.

Other business owners opened up shop today, grateful that they had been spared as the town celebrates its centennial.

Boy Scouts from the tri-state area enjoyed the sun and sand this morning, going forward with their planned camporee despite the wreckage.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says there is still no determination on what caused the fire. They say the investigation will continue and they have ruled out any possibility of labeling the fire suspicious.

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