FAIRFIELD - Gov. Chris Christie told a town hall crowd Wednesday that he's willing to discuss relaxing some of the rules on New Jersey's medical marijuana program, as long as it stays medical.

A parent at the meeting pleaded with the governor to make changes to the policy. "My daughter, who started the process of getting her medical marijuana card in August, she still didn't have it in November because of all the roadblocks," she told Christie. "I put her to bed one night and she never woke up."

Parents also asked him to ease requirements for minors, something he suggested he may be willing to consider.

"We're going to continue to work with parents to see ways we can make sure we appropriately, in a medically based program, deal with minors," Christie says.

Part of the delay, according to the governor, is that providers haven't sped up production of edible forms of the drug for kids, which leads to longer waitlist times. He said the state may have to force producers to do that as part of keeping a license.

The marijuana discussion was a departure from Christie's intended topic. His prepared remarks focused on the state's finances.