TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie had a very busy day in Trenton Tuesday, as he signed nearly 100 bills into law.

The governor signed a bill that would allow cancer patients to keep their pre-treatment driver’s license photo for a longer period, even after the license expires. This was a bill introduced thanks to a story first told on News 12 New Jersey.

Christie also signed a law to collect DNA from people convicted of a disorderly conduct offense. It will expand the state’s DNA database.

A number of laws providing veterans' assistance are also going into effect, including one to exempt disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients from paying parking meter fees.

The governor also vetoed 65 bills, such as a proposal to raise the smoking age to 21 years old.

He also vetoed a bill to make minority recruitment regulations for police departments, as well as legislation requiring New Jersey gun sellers to offer so-called personalized handguns once they become available.

Christie is facing criticism for vetoing a measure to address lead poisoning in the state and a bill that would have required school children to have a 20-minute recess.