EDISON - Gov. Chris Christie is responding to critics who say he's more worried about running for president than being governor of New Jersey.

He appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper Thursday afternoon. He says that social media and his cellphone are keeping him in touch with the happenings in the state.

"I'm governor every minute I'm on my phone, I'm on Skype. I'm doing everything I need to do to help the state make decisions," says Christie.

Christie went on to say, "When I'm there, I'm doing exactly what I need to do and when I'm here, I'm doing the job I need to do as governor. When we have potential crises in our state like Hurricane Joaquin, I canceled my entire time and was back in the state managing a potential reaction to the storm."

The governor spoke in New Hampshire, saying being governor isn't like being in the Senate or the House where he has to be there for votes.

He says he's at work every minute of the day unless he throws his cellphone into the river.

Christie has spent the last several months traveling around the country campaigning for president.