MANCHESTER, N.H. - Gov. Chris Christie is making his final push for votes on the eve of the New Hampshire primary.

Christie’s last town hall meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire was packed with voters eager to see him, despite a snowstorm in the area.

“If you're a politician, this is Christmas Eve. This is political Christmas Eve in New Hampshire and you're all playing Santa Claus,” Christie told the crowd.

Christie’s entire family joined him at the town hall, and a number of voters congratulated the governor on his performance at the Republican debate over the weekend. During the debate, Christie made several pointed attacks at Sen. Marco Rubio, which some say seemed to put the spotlight on the governor.

Recent polls have shown Christie to be in about sixth place in New Hampshire, with candidate Donald Trump in the lead. However, Christie said that the only numbers that matter are at the ballot box Tuesday.

Christie said he wants to leave New Hampshire knowing that its voters "met me, got to see me, I opened my heart to them and they opened their hearts to me, and we made history together."

He asked supporters to offer friends, neighbors and relatives rides to the polls.

Monday was Christie’s 71st day of campaigning in New Hampshire. He will be visiting polling locations around the state Tuesday for Primary Day.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.