EDISON - Republicans broke out into chants of "lock her up" as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tried to impugn Hillary Clinton's character in his speech to the Republican National Convention.

Christie said as a former federal prosecutor, he wanted to hold Clinton accountable for her actions. He laid out what he said were facts about her to "a jury of her peers."

Guilty or not guilty - that's what Christie asked his audience for, a verdict about Clinton on her leadership on the Islamic State group, China and an al-Qaida-linked group in Nigeria.

Each time, delegates responded with boisterous chants of "guilty."

Republican activists repeatedly interrupted Christie with shouts of - "Lock her up."

Christie said Clinton lied to the nation about "her selfish, awful judgment." Christie - who fell short in his GOP presidential bid - said voters shouldn't elect Clinton as president and reward what he called her incompetence.