EDISON - In less than a week, New Jersey voters will decide if Gov. Chris Christie deserves another term or if state Sen. Barbara Buono will get a crack at the job.

Even though the governor is leading polls by at least 20 points, he's headed into Election Day at full force. His campaign bus will cross the state for dozens of campaign stops.

Buono is concentrating on hot-button issues like higher education tuition costs and raising the state's minimum wage.

But Seton Hall politics professor Matthew Hale says it may not be enough. "I also think it's interesting," he says, "that on two issues she tried to make traction, one was on gay marriage."

Experts say that has become a bit of a non-issue now that Christie has given up his fight against marriage equality.

Hale says despite thousands of people not back in their homes, Christie still commands respect over his handling of Superstorm Sandy. "It shows you the power of the incumbent," he says. "You can sort of take away issues pretty quickly that may have been able to grab some traction."

This is the second major election in just three weeks, and with both legislative and local races on the ballot, voter fatigue may be a possibility.