TRENTON - Gov. Chris Christie made some adjustments Monday to his cabinet for his second term with the appointment of current Chief of Staff Kevin O'Dowd to attorney general.

But attention at the governor's afternoon press conference quickly turned to the controversial issue of allowing the state's undocumented immigrants to pay in-state college tuition.

Christie defended his decision not to sign the current version of the bill, saying he supports its ultimate goal. "I thought the Legislature should move in the lame duck session on tuition equality in New Jersey - period," Christie says. "That's what I said, I didn't support any particular piece of legislation."

Senate President Steve Sweeney accused the governor of putting dreams of a White House run ahead of the "Dreamers," as the students are often referred to. "He could have easily said, back then, look I support the concept but I don't support the Senate bill," says Sweeney.

The governor also defended the Port Authority's most recent round of toll hikes. "Neither Gov. Cuomo or I wanted to do what we did, but we couldn't take the position that our predecessors took, which was to continue to spend money that they did not have," Christie says.

The most recent increase went into effect last weekend. Tolls will go up again in each of the next two years.