CLIFTON - A bride-to-be has plenty to worry about, but it's usually not the ring on her finger.

Last week, Marni Winslow lost her engagement ring while she was out working. Frantically looking for it, she put up fliers wherever she could.

Tuesday night, she couldn't believe it when she got a call saying someone found the ring on the sidewalk outside of the Clifton Commons Spirits and Wines. 

"We were at a pool party on Saturday, and interestingly enough, we found a pair of earrings on the ground," Winslow says. "And I said, let me return them to the front desk because this is karma. Maybe if I returned someone else's jewelry, my jewelry will be returned to me."

And that, she says is exactly what happened. Winslow is going to give the good Samaritan $100 as well as a gift certificate to the Spirits and Wines store.