EDISON - Many New Jersey citizens say that they are sick and tired of this week’s gray and gloomy weather, and they are turning to various methods to feel better about it.

Inside Body Bronze Tanning Salon in Colonia, owner Mike Decrosta says that business is twice as busy this month compared with last year.

“You come in, lay down 10-12 minutes and you leave happy,” he says.          

Patrons at the salon agree.

"The sun energizes me in general...and the tan just makes you feel prettier,” says Briana Reis, of Colonia.

Health experts say that lack of sun exposure can affect a person’s mood.

"You see people more cranky, people who have been diagnosed with depression will be affected by the weather and lack of sunlight,” says James Cunningham, a licensed certified social worker with JFK Medical Center.

But Cunningham doesn’t necessarily recommend tanning beds, which can come with the risk of high UV ray exposure. 

He says that some doctors are prescribing a treatment known as "light therapy.” The treatment involves special light box. It won't get you tan, but it will increase your serotonin levels.

The dreary weather should last the next few days. The sunshine is expected to return next week.