A Glen Rock teenager is under arrest after a monthlong drug investigation in Bergen County.

Tristan Rodas, 18, was first arrested in June of this year for dealing heroin. He allegedly continued to deal after his release.

Police launched an investigation and say Rodas sold bundles of heroin to three undercover officers in August and September.

Experts say heroin use is on the rise among young people, especially those between 18 and 25. Many start with prescription pills, then move onto heroin because it's cheaper and easier to get.

"It costs a lot less to get heroin, about $5 a bag," Ellen Elias with the Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources says. "So someone recognizes they can get the same high or a better high by using heroin."

Elias says the key to keeping kids from doing drugs is to talk to them early and often. Experts remind everyone to clean out their medicine cabinet on a regular basis.

Glen Rock police say this year, three people have died from heroin overdoses. As of July, police had seized more than $25,000 worth of heroin and arrested 70 people.

Rodas was arrested and charged with distribution of heroin and eluding an officer. He is being held at the Bergen County Jail on $50,000 bail.