BLAIRSTOWN - A Warren County family wants to know what happened to the care package they sent to their father, serving on an airbase in Missouri.

Alicia Bennett recently joined the Girl Scouts, and it's cookie season. She and her mother had a plan to show their father they cared and missed him.

She sent her father and his fellow service personnel boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Their gift, which was sent through the U.S. Postal Service, went missing instead.

The box they sent appeared to be tampered with, and the cookie boxes were gone. "When he picked up the package, he said it felt a little light," said Alicia's mother, Leah Bennett.

"I feel really bad for the people who didn't get the cookies," said Alicia.

They took a before picture, clearly showing a package full of cookies, but the after picture sent by Alicia's father only had one.

The box had postal service tape, which Leah Bennett says she never used. She says the Girl Scout cookie shipping box was glued shut.

The Bennetts say the packaging made it clear it was coming from the Girl Scouts and going to a military facility. They are wondering if the cookies were taken in transit.

"I think they wanted the cookies for themselves," said Alicia.

Postal Service spokesman George B. Flood said in a statement: "We certainly regret that Mrs. Bennett's carton containing boxes of Girl Scout cookies came apart in transit in between New Jersey and Missouri. In response to the report of the missing contents, The USPS Northern NJ District Consumer and Industry contact team has been in contact with Mrs. Bennett to review the matter and have initiated an extraordinary search."

The family is just looking for an explanation. "Nine boxes of cookies are gone," said Leah. "To me it is a big deal, it's the small things that matter."

The Bennetts say that people have pooled money and chipped in for even more boxes to go to all the personnel who were promised cookies at Fort Leonard Wood.