MOUNTAINSIDE - Ariana McGuire was playing at a friend's house last year when she was accidentally pierced by an arrow when she unknowingly walked into its path.

The arrow entered on the right side of her head between her eye socket and the bridge of her nose. Her father explained to News 12 New Jersey that the arrow came within an eighth of an inch of coming out of the back of her head. The arrow severed an artery, cutting off blood flow to most of the left side of her brain, causing a stroke.

Ariana was taken to The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Her parents say doctors weren't sure if she would make it through the night. Now, Ariana is making progress with intense physical therapy.

Last week, Ariana and her family traveled to Washington, D.C. where they urged lawmakers to restore $317 million in funding for pediatric training, the kind that saved the little girl's life.

A number of children's hospitals across the country, some of which stand to lose tens of millions of dollars, are pressuring Congress to restore funding for pediatricians, which is proposed in the Obama administration's budget.