SANDY HOOK - It may soon cost more to visit Sandy Hook and Gateway National Park at the Jersey Shore.

The park has proposed increasing parking rates from $15 to $20 per car. Seasonal passes would increase to $100 from $75 under the plan.

Staff from Gateway National park visited Gunnison Beach Friday to ask visitors for feedback about the plan. They says that the money would be used to pay for park improvements.

“Expanding our campground facilities, possibly adding showers. Also adding food boxes so that our raccoon friends can't get to our campers' food,” says Gateway spokesperson Daphne Yun.

Some guests say the increase in price would be worth it, but others are concerned.

“The people who have low-paying jobs, they’re not going to be able to come anymore, if it goes to $20 per car,” says visitor Richard Taylor.

If the price hike is approved by the National Park Service, it would take effect for the 2017 summer.